I've working Workspace and PostGIS store in GeoServer. I would like to use python and gsconfig to create new resource/new layer from existing PostGIS table, with:

computing bbox,
adding abstract,
adding keywords,
setting style,
other attributes.

Is it doable with gsconfig? Could you provide any examples?
The same goes with removing resources (layers).

  • sorry i am posting this is an answer, but were you able to find a solution to it? I am looking for something same , where I want to create a GIS db store and upload tables containing spatial data – user28769 Apr 2 '14 at 18:04

Bit late to the party, but I'll answer anyway

1. Connect to GeoServer

cat = Catalog('http://localhost:8080/geoserver/rest')

2. Create a Workspace

ws = cat.create_workspace('newWorkspaceName','newWorkspaceUri')

3. Create PostGIS store

ds = cat.create_datastore(newDatastoreName,newWorkspaceName)

ds.connection_parameters.update(host='localhost', port='5432', database='postgis', user='postgres', passwd='password', dbtype='postgis', schema='postgis')


4. Add Layer

ft = cat.publish_featuretype('newLayerName', ds, 'EPSG:4326', srs='EPSG:4326')


We use it within the GeoNode project. Here is the code we use to create a layer: https://github.com/GeoNode/geonode/blob/master/geonode/layers/utils.py#L274

  • Ok, your code is fine, however, I do not find answer in it. As far as I understand, you always upload shapefile using _create_db_featurestore and You are doing: cat.add_data_to_store(ds, name, data, overwrite=overwrite, charset=charset) return ds, cat.get_resource(name, store=ds) and after add_data_to_store you have a 'resource'. In my case, I already have working store and data upload in different process. However, I do not know how to create resource/layer out of existing table in PostGIS. – user1632928 Jan 26 '14 at 20:19

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