I am trying to cut this raster in order to drop the outside of the walls white area and the area with the dots. I made one step using as mask the green polygon but i couldn't remove the inside of the walls area with the dots. Any idea? andros

  • Have you tried running a second clipping with a polygon of the inside? – AndreJ Jan 24 '14 at 9:51
  • Yes, it keeps only the inside the polygon area. I want to keep only the walls. – Παύλος Αποστόλου Jan 24 '14 at 10:40

It works this way:

  1. Create a clip polygon for the outer border

  2. Create a clip poygon for the inner border

  3. Create a multipolygon with the second layer as a hole using Vector -> Geoprocessing -> Difference

  4. Clip the Raster to that multipolygon using Raster -> Extraction -> Clipper


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