I need to create a single tiff files from several others (each have the same extent and resolution) and the output file need to have a single band containing the aggregated/sum of the values in the separate files.

I was playing with gdal_merg, - in the the gdal_merge documentation the definition include "In areas of overlap, the last image will be copied over earlier ones." wich is not what I need. I got somewhat over that by using the -separate parameter that give me a single file with multiple bands, each representing one of the source files.

Is there a python/command line way how I can sum these multiple bands programmatically? (similar to the Raster Calculator GUI in QGIS)

Or even better do it in a single step?

Thanks in advance. g


You can do in a single step with gdal_calc.py. For instance:

# example 1 - add two files together
gdal_calc.py -A input1.tif -B input2.tif --outfile=result.tif --calc="A+B"
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