I am using QGIS to read a polygon shapefile with a Dutch CRS (EPSG:28992 to be precise). Now I would like to change the CRS and export the changed CRS to Tableau, so I can build polygon graphs. I know how to export the data to Tableau by copy pasting the attributes table, processing the data further in R and exporting it to Tableau.

I also found how to change the CRS in QGIS into EPSG:4326 by Project > Project Settings. After changing the CRS the map changes, showing the correct coordinates. However the attributes table is still showing the original coordinates. Can anyone tell me if there is a way such that the attributes tables shows the changed CRS as well, such that I can export it?

I am a GIS newbie, so bare with me if this is a duplicated question. I could not find the answer.


If you want to change the coordinates of your source data, you have to Rightclick -> Save As ... and write the data to another file on the disk using another CRS for the target.

The attribute table is not changed, you have to use field calculator to add $x and $y as new table columns with the updated coordinates. This will only work on point data.

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