I would like to generate a unique list of street names from a list of UK addresses, but obviously there will be a number of streets with the same name. I want to distinguish between streets that are genuinely different.

On AtoZ, the street names on the index is written as:

Bell street, RH1
High Street, RH1 

and so on. I have yet to come across a street name with more than one outcode. So based on this,

34, Bell street, RH1 6HH and 
36, Bell street, RH1 6HJ

would refer to the same street, but say you had

34, Bell street, RH1 6HH and
36, Bell street, RH2 6HJ

can I be certain that these are two different streets?


There is only that much that can be done with 'poor' source data.

  • Scenario 1 - Limited information: If the source address information is missing full the postcode (i.e. RH1 instead of RH1 6HH) and there is not additional information like street number, or spatial location (i.e. LAT/LON, point geometry). I'm afraid the answer is NO, you cannot be 100% certain that 2 streets with same name and from same UK district (i.e. SW16) are genuine streets or duplicates in the registry.
  • I'm not sure this is poor data. You have the full postcode. I guess my question is, is the outcode part of the postcode is designed so that it won't contain different streets with the same name?
    – Sivakanesh
    Jan 28 '14 at 9:23

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