I'm using FME Desktop and Server 2014.
At the moment my workspace looks like the following. It reads a .csv file and transforms this to a ESRi Shapefile. This is working. I can use the shapefile with QGIS or ArcGIS Desktop.

enter image description here

The next step, which I want to perform: Create a WMS Service Link, which uses my FME or ArcGIS Server. Because FME provides the functionality to publish the workspace as an OGC Web map Service, I would assume that this works.

enter image description here

I've already tried to publish the workspace as shown in the first pic. The WMS Service is up and running and I can load the WMS Service to ArcMap, I can query the WMS link and the layer is shown. Unfortunately when I want to add the layer to the map, I get the error "A selected item could not be added to the map. Could not connect to server".

So my first question: Is there any error with my workspace? Second "question": If searched for some solutions and I found that I need to have a result as PNG, JPEG, TIF.
So my question would be: What do I need to add/edit in my workspace to get my idea to work?


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I think the error is because you're writing to an Esri Shape file. That would work for WFS, but not for WMS, which is a raster format.

So, yes. Use Writers > Add Writer to add a raster format such as PNG. But, you'll also need to convert the data coming out of the 2DPointAdder to raster, which you would do with an ImageRasterizer transformer.


So WMS is a raster based output solution. If I were working on this, I would want to use the mapnik tool to control the graphic output.

WMS with FME


Mapnick with FME



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