Due the the recent bug as presented here for fiona 1.1, i am obliged to use a version of fiona in 1.0.x on windows 8.1. however, i can't find older versions of the installer at here.

Are there any sources for the archive installers, specifically for the 32bit fiona (1.0.x) ? thanks in advance!


I think it will apply to ALL other previous libraries, and not just fiona


If you're into package managers Enthought Canopy can install fiona 1.0.2

  • thanks for the tip. i might try it again if there's no other choice. i would double check if it's part of the "free" packages included. – arcsum Jan 27 '14 at 19:41
  • It is, I have the free version. I think it's a great way of managing python packages on Windows, which is so overly difficult IMO. – camdenl Jan 27 '14 at 21:01

The best way to do this, which seems very intuitive, is email the maintainer himself (Christophe Gohlke) together with a bug report on fiona's github site. If ther is indeed a bug he wil upload the latest working versions.

Dr. Gohlke replied within 8 hours and Sean Gilles ( creator of Fiona) did, too.

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