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DBF creation and manipulation without excel 2003

Hi -

I'm trying to convert an excel file to a shapefile in arview 3.3. using suggestions by Bill Huber (on the ESRI forums site). I've completed the recommened 'recipe' of requirements on this link Bill referred:


but I am now stuck trying to convert .xls to .dbf because there is not an option in MS Excel 2007 to convert to .dbf (dbase III or IV) that I can see - its all variations of .xls then .csv, .txt and other types.

Perhaps .csv is the file type I need, but the 'recipe' says dbase III or IV, neither of which are listed as options in excel. Does anyone know where to go from here? If I can just get it to dbf I should be good (assuming my file formatting worked).


See this thread for an answer: DBF creation and manipulation without excel 2003

  • Thanks so much. Now for my next posting - the table, as opened in arcview - shows nothing even after the 'recipe' strictly and carefully followed. Any thoughts on that perhaps? (Diff't topic I realize but I couldn't resist!) – user2653 Apr 12 '11 at 18:27