I have been fielded a few questions about Google Earth Enterprise (GEE) -which I don't know anything about, I'm having a time finding answers to the two following questions, which can probably be summed up by:

  • Do you use both GEE & ArcGIS? And, if so, how do you interact between the two?"
  • Can you consume GEE with ArcGIS? I am pretty sure you can bring ArcGIS created shapefiles into GEE, but does it work the other way around without converting KML data to shapefiles?
  • Can you use GEE as an image service? My instincts say the answer to this question is "yes", but I am unable to find an actual answer.

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Arc2Earth Desktop is the only tool I know of that provides a way to do this.


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You can't consume GEE services with ArcGIS. You can build GEE resources from shapefiles and then symbolize in google fusion. GEE does not provide conversions to/from kml files. Use Esri tools for that. Assuming you are using an Esri reference when you ask about an "image service", the answer is no.

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