We have 3 license servers for ESRI products.

  1. Server 1: 10.1 License Server
  2. Server 2: 10.0 License Server
  3. Server 3: 9.3 License Server

We are in the middle of a massive server migration/merge and would like to combine our license servers into one and store it on a single centrally-located machine. But we have some specific applications that require 9.3, a few that require 10.0, and our more common use-cases are migrating to 10.1 so we can't just upgrade the licenses. But keeping them on different servers won't work because we are losing some of our servers due to a reshuffle.

So, with 9.3 Concurrent use licenses being utilized, can we store those alongside 10.0 and 10.1 licenses on the same server without losing them?


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Your 10.1 license server can host cocurrent use licenses for all 10.x and 9.x products. We have a 10.1 license manager in production, our client environment is mix of 10 and 10.1 products.


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