I want to code my Cartodb.js map so that for each marker, if a column is not empty, it embeds a video into the infowindow, and if the column is empty, then it does noting.I saw this example online and tried to copy it, but it didn't work. http://www.w3schools.com/js/js_if_else.asp

for my code, inside the {{content}} area, I said: if ({{video_embed_link}} IS NOT NULL) {< iframe width="430" height="242" src="{{video_embed_link}}" frameborder="0"> < /iframe>}

any suggestions on what to do instead?

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Infowindows use Mustache templates, which don't allow for logic. You can do it with SQL(1) and some cleverness

  CASE WHEN video_embed_link null THEN 0 ELSE 242 END AS video_height

Then, in your template, just do

< iframe width="430" height="{{video_height}}" src="{{video_embed_link}}" frameborder="0"> < /iframe>

Now, the iframe should be 0 pixels high if the embed link is NULL

1. I tend to say SQL can solve anything


Here's a simple CSS based solution which will work for iframes, images, links.

iframe[src=""],img[src=""],a[href=""] {

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