Does India have a CORS (Continuously Operating Reference Stations) network? If yes, can anybody provide more details about it?


Here's a link to the CORS map.

And here's a link to a KMZ file of CORS sites. It doesn't look like India has a CORS network.

It looks like most of the CORS locations are in the United States.

enter image description here

Here's the website on other GPS Augmentations.


If you mean something similar to a CORS network, then IGS has a few stations in India:


I am looking for GNSS receivers active in India as well, hopefully a more dense network of receivers.

I would guess that there are GAGAN stations with some information but if that data is publicly available I am not sure where to find it.


Geotrax international services set up at Indore is the first cors network to do norms project.

Disclaimer: I work for Geotrax

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