I am using Topo to Raster by File (ArcGIS version 10.1) via arcpy on a large stream and point dataset. Arcpy runs fine and executes without issuing any error message, however it does not create the raster as it normally does. When I look in the project workspace I can see that the S File that Topo to Raster creates temporarely (before deleting it when execution is terminated) have been created and its size is slightly over 2GB. Not sure what is the S File used for as it is a binary and can't inspect it. Is there a limit on the size of the S File created by Topo to Raster? What can I do to get around this issue in addition to reduce the size of the point dataset?

Note that: There is enough space in the hard disk thereore the issue is not space; and The tool runs ok when I reduce the size of the dataset (option which I would like to avoid).


2GB could be the size limit of your raster (e.g. for a tiff file, because ArcGIS does not support bigtif from what I know). Therefore you should work in a file geodatabase.

Note that the number of input points should not affect the output size. You should try with a smaller output cell size as a workaround (arcpy.env.cellSize = your_larger_cell_size)

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