When I draw a track in Google Earth, for example along a road, I can right-click it to "Show elevation profile", and it displays a 2D plot of distance vs elevation. However, if I save the KML, the elevation coordinate is always zero.

So let's suppose I import the KML LineString in QGIS, and I have a SRTM DEM layer, how can I:

  1. Display an elevation profile (distance along road vs DEM elevation at point);
  2. "Replace" the (zeroed) elevation profiles of KML by DEM elevation values, so that I could export back to kml and have elevation "hardcoded" in the LineString.
  • If case of I have many polylines in polyline vector (with diffirently ID). How can I make the profile automatic and then save table as excel (csv) file associated with diff ID? Thanks so much.
    – VuPNam
    Jul 21, 2016 at 9:03

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Download and use a plugin called "Profile tool".

  • load your grid
  • load your polyline (layer)
  • run plugin (Plugins/Profile tool/ Terrain profile)
  • in field called "Selection" (below the profile chart) choose "Selected polyline" and choose your line

Profile tool - Terrain profile

To simply get all grid values along the line switch tab from "Profile" to "Table" and there you can copy all values to clipboard and paste to text editor / table editor...

Profile tool - Terrain profile as values

  • I'm gonna take a look and post some feedback as soon as I get some spare time. Thanks for the answer! (I use Dufour, so I expect some thrill...) Jan 31, 2014 at 13:13

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