I have Tiff images and I need to export it to Tiled Jpeg. I don't know which software converts TIFF to TJP. Can anyone kindly tell me the name of the software which converts?


  • are your original tiffs georeferenced? - TPJ does not support georreference info. – Mapperz Jan 31 '14 at 16:13
  • Yes it is georeferenced only but I can export the tiff without header information by using Global Mapper. But my problem is to export the TIFF to TPJ – Sandhya Feb 1 '14 at 4:12

TJP (JPEG TilePic) is a TilePic format, alongside TPC, TPG (PNG TilePic) and TTX (Text TilePic) and can stores multiple images in a single file.

These formats aren't too popular in our days, and for this reason, it is hard to find much references.

This format can be read mainly by applications like TilePic reader or XnConvert, and, according to this article, the authors have provided several tools for working with TilePic files. The basic TilePic utilities are fairly simple, are written in C, and require no additional libraries. [...] Also, there are a number of supporting programs and perl scripts to help with these applications.

Because you are interested in converting TIFF to TJP here's the link to the tifftotjp Perl script.

And this is the link to all TilePic documentation and utilities.

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