I´m looking for a tool like Multiple-Ring-Buffer in ArcGIS, but for GRASS GIS to be able to buffer with different distances but only having to start the process once.

  • Could you use a shell script (run GRASS in text only mode using -text), or am I misunderstanding the issue?
    – user1462
    Aug 18 '18 at 22:50

The little-known OpenJump GIS (Open Source) has a Multi-Ring-Buffer function since the version 1.3 (1.6.3 now) and you can still do that with a script (Bash or Python) in GRASS GIS (look at Is it possible to create multiple buffers using QGIS?

  • Thanks for the tip. I´m looking for a tool that can be used outside any GIS-application in a python script. That´s why I´m using GRASS. Would that be possible with the OpenJump tools as well?
    – Martin
    Feb 4 '14 at 6:27

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