Scenario: I need to Publish a data (from ORACLE ArcSDE) for versioned editing. Each user should be able to connect to his version and edit the data throu web application (Silverlight/JAVA/Flex API). Question: Do I need to create a FeatureService for each user (with ArcMap document containing data from version)? Or is there a simpler way to do it? I would prefer if I have to make only one ArcSDE connection in ArcMap and publish that resource as a featureservice.

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One Feature Service is required.

Creating new versions does not make a copy of the geodatabase. No matter how many geodatabase versions you have, each table and feature class is stored once in the database. The different versions of the geodatabase are tracked in the VERSIONS system table and associated with the records in the adds and deletes tables, as well as with various system tables.

When a new version is created, the owner of the version determines what sort of access to the version is allowed. Possible permissions are as follows:

  • Public—Any user may view the version. Any user who has been granted read/write (UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE or read/write) permissions on datasets can modify those datasets.
  • Protected—Any user may view the version, but only the owner or the ArcSDE administrator may edit datasets to which he or she has read/write permission.
  • Private—Only the owner or the ArcSDE administrator may view the version and modify versioned data.


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    I really appreciate your suggestion. I thought this would be possible in Editing Versioned data in ArcMap. Can I achieve same thing in Web Mapping. Because In ArcMap we make a connection to a version of the database.But in Web Mapping Application, it will publishing a FeatureService (which means publishing an ArcMap document which has got a data from the version). Please correct me if I am getting it wrong.
    – user2673
    Apr 14 '11 at 22:19

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