Suppose I have A (source point) and B (destination point), then I want to get a series of route point or waypoints between A to B from Google maps or other map applications. The result that I need is something like this:

(LonA, LatA) (Lon1,Lat1) (Lon2,Lat2) (Lon3, Lat3)................(Lon_n, Lat_n) (LonB, LatB)

Are there any available methods or tools to do that? Thx.


You can try it with this map application: http://maps.cloudmade.com/.

At first you create your route with waypoints. Click on the button "Get directions" (upper left corner) and create your route (clicking on the map). After that you can export (there is a button on the upper right corner) your route (include waypoints) to a gpx-or a json-file. You can load both files to a GIS.

route with waypoints

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  • Thx a lot @anja. It's cool and that's I really need. However, if I have a list of source and destination coordinates, is it possible to get all the routes automatically without clicking the map one by one? Or are there any other tools that can do this task? – Gus Feb 6 '14 at 2:38
  • Here is another map application, where you can add a list of locations: gebweb.net/optimap and get the coordinates in different formats. If you familiar with the Google Maps API, you could try this: stackoverflow.com/questions/16058594/… – anja Feb 6 '14 at 9:06

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