I have a Site reference feature service data in polygons served up by ArcGIS Server. I need to get the centroid coordinate of a polygon by the Id but can’t find a method out of the box.

I’m working on a GeoEvent Processor Service that will use this Site service to grab a centroid from a site Id. So far I believe my options are:

  • Custom GP service, python – takes in polygon rings, returns point
  • Server Object Extension – same as above
  • Sql view, query layer served up as a feature service that uses STCentroid (The database uses a SQL GEOGRAPHY type) on the Site layer. Would query the layer by ID to return the geometry.

The first two options keep me on track with a service orientated architecture however it certainly seems overkill to be writing an SOE for one function. The final option could be a ‘goer’ but it means my logic is coupled to SQL Server.

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"I need to get the centroid coordinate of a polygon by the Id"

First you'll need to get a reference to the polygon via its ID. You can do this with a QueryTask.

You'll then have access to the polygon's geometry, so you can use the getCentroid method on the shape.

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I realised that the LabelPoints method over REST for ArcGIS Server Geometry service returns a polygon centroid (point) for an input Geometry.

This is more favourable than having a query at the database level.

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There are several GeoEvent processors available on their GitHub gallery that allow you to extract a centroid. This one is ready-compiled, supported, and can be downloaded and added to your GeoEvent (via GeoEvent Manager) to allow you to calculate centroids from polygons.

enter image description here

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