The answer to RyanDalton's question "Can QGIS read an ODBC connection?" explains how to establish a link in QGIS with an MS-Access table. Following his steps, I can establish an ODBC link (I successfully complete up to step 7), but when the .mdb is imported, I get an error that the file "is not a valid or recognized data source" in QGIS. I assumed QGIS would read each table as a non-spatial layer, as mentioned in the OGR_OGBC specs, but this is not happening. Can anyone tell me why the tables are not being read? Thanks in advance. I am using a 64-bit version of Windows with 32-bit QGIS and OGDB drivers.


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The tables are not being read because the user permissions (I believe for Admin) were not turned on inside the MS-Access DB. I turned them on for all the tables and QGIS loaded the tables (albeit somewhat slowly).

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