The one part of CartoDB I am struggling with is connecting my table or visualization to Google earth. I see that you can export an un-styled KMZ from a table.

Has anyone figured out a way to keep a synced or network lined KMZ/KML file with polygons from a CartoDB table or visualization?

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If I understood your question well, you need to create a KML file, open it in Google Earth, and whenever the KML file is changed, the view in GE is uptaded.

For this, you need to load a KML file in GE with the following:


my_file.kml is obviously the file you want to visualize in GE.


I'm not familiar with anyone doing it. I tried to figure out what options there were and one of the best would be to just visualize the tile layer on Google Earth. Buuuut, that is a challenge too. One way might be here,


But I didn't see a clear path. Sorry :(

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