Im working with these shapefiles:


They show pipelines & electricity grid of the UK. They do not have a .prj file included in the shapefile.

They display fine in QGIS when layered on top of each other, but I need to know which projection they are in so I can display them on a world map.

The x and y values are very large so I tried the Universal transverse Mercator projection "WGS84/UTM zone 30N ESPG:32630" because the UK is in zone 30.
This placed the shapefiles at the right scale, but just above the equator by Ghana (48 degrees too far south and 3 degrees too far west).

enter image description here

This seems to imply that the shapefiles' coordinates are zeroed half way between UTM zone 30U and 31U.

Does anyone know which projection I should be using?

Thanks for your help.


The files are in EPSG:27700 OSGB 1936 British National Grid.

Make sure you have the 7 parameters +towgs84 installed. There are 3-paramater datasets around, which have some offset.


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