I don't know why the users that visit my website cannot see the map i have published with geoserver. The steps i took to do this have been:

  • importing the data to geoserver
  • adding the layers to geoexplorer
  • i have changed the style a little
  • hit publish map on the geoexplorer
  • selected the tools i want to have - next
  • copied the link that i need to copy in the webpage
  • changed from localhost to the name of my pc
  • pasted the code in my webpage.
  • i can see the page with the map frame, but the visitors cannot. the error they get is:

the server refused the connection

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You didn't provide any information about your website location, but something didn't fit in this equation:

changed from localhost to the name of my pc

If your website is hosted somewhere on the web then your users must use a domain name to visit it, or a public ip of your computer.

Therefore, I suggest you to change localhost with your domain name or with the public ip instead of the computer name.


Are you perhaps passing the url to a web mapping javascript library and you haven't sorted out CORS filtering?

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