I am compiling a database of septic tank locations to make some rough estimates of the magnitude of return flow to the groundwater system for the Floridan aquifer system. Ideally I would have a lat/long for each tank so that I can identify, at the census block level, the average number of persons per household to compute the number of gallons of flow-through per day. A dataset of this detail has been developed for the state of Florida and possibly for Georgia as well. Records for South Carolina and especially Alabama are not as robust and I would need to resort to some county-wide tally. I have only managed to find state-wide counts on uscensus.gov through 1990. Block-group level data seem to be available through American Fact Finder 2 from the 2010 census, but only for American territories such as Guam or the Virgin Islands (Topics -> Housing -> Physical Characteristics -> Sewage Disposal).

Can anyone point me toward any datasets which are at least at the county level?

Depending on the quality I may elect to use such a dataset for the entire estimation process to maintain continuity between states.

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You can find septic tank locations in FL at FGDL. It will be managed a little bit differently state-to-state but you can search further.

An example from GA would be Gwinnett County septic locations (oddly enough the layer is listed under the stormwater group). The downside is Gwinnett Co charges $100 for the data.

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