I have been facing the issue of transform coordinates from a custom spatial reference to a well known spatial reference (let's say WGS84). To do that using ArcObjects is quite straightforward, but I am trying to do it without that library.

I must use some library designed for .NET so making a little research I found DotSpatial.Projections and ProjNet.

Both of these open source alternatives lack extensive documentation, so some effort is required to understand the process of implementation, although is not all that difficult to.

My question is: In your experience, Which one is better? taking into account ease of use, performance, maintainability (of the library), and support.

Any other suggestion is welcome.

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I suggest working directly with GDAL Dot.Net bindings, thus you can use the whole GDAL C++ documentation. See this answer for documentation pointers: API documentation for Gdal/Ogr with C#. With nuget it is also quite easy to use http://www.nuget.org/packages/GDAL/

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