I want to activate the option "Show markers only for selected features" in Setting-> options->vertex markers ,using python. does anyone know if i can do it programmatically ? i attached a photo of the ui and i market the option,enter image description here


With the help of Matthias Kuhn answer of this undocumented feature in How do I access QGIS program settings programmatically? I got to this:

Get all keys from setting in Python console with:

from PyQt4.QtCore import QSettings
print QSettings().allKeys()

In a texteditor searched the result for digitizing and found digitizing/marker_only_for_selected

Using this from Python:

# Get user defined current setting
markersOnlyForSelected = QSettings().value(u'/qgis/digitizing/Qgis/digitizing/marker_only_for_selected')

# override setting
QSettings().setValue(u'/qgis/digitizing/Qgis/digitizing/marker_only_for_selected', True)

# do your work here...

# restore setting
QSettings().setValue(u'/qgis/digitizing/Qgis/digitizing/marker_only_for_selected', markersOnlyForSelected)

Strangely this does not change the value in the QGIS Options dialog, but I guess it does work in code; The QSetting values changes must be in memory only.

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