I am trying to build some tool for a collegue of mine to query data from a spatialite database while clicking on vector features.

My first guess is, that I could do this with an "action" I define for the layer. The example actions provided for layers unfortunately do not give me any hint how to perform, and more detailed documentation on actions is quite absent.

I need a query, cause each feature in layer has many corresponding entries in the database table (one-to-many).

While performing the action, I would like to pop up simple table which lists the corresponding data sharing the same id as the feature.

In the example action, i can query an attribute of the layer with this:

echo "[% "id" %]"

which then looks like this: enter image description here

Ok, that's a start.

But what i need is a table which lists all items in a spatialite table with the same id-attribute as the feature.

My data structure:

Layer attribute: 

Data table: 
id | name | year

The layer itself is stored in the spatialite database too, if thats of any help.

Can anyone give me a hint on how to proceed?


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I do this with:

echo [% "id" %]," [% "name" %], [% "year" %]


  • If you have two or more point in the same local, you will get only one response.

I need the next response, if someone knows how to do:

id  name   year     (for point 3) 
id  name   year     (for point 3)    
id  name   year     (for point 3)


17   Elsa   1985    
17   Ana    1991    
17   Olaf   2011

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