ESRI recently put out a new tool called the 'Activity Dashboard' that checks for new maps created, map uses, etc. Sadly, this tool only works for those maps created through the ArcGIS online system.

One of the problems I have as the new 'Web Map' guy for my organization is that multiple maps have been created, all of them as (basically) one-offs to fix a specific problem, and no one has a master list of them or the services they are running on. This left me with a very annoying situation. I 'thought' I knew about them all, but I find that I am regularly learning about old maps as they break. The recent address locator that ESRI killed off brought SEVERAL maps to my attention that I wasn't even aware of.

I am wondering if there are any tools that have been developed that track maps and/or services that have been created to give someone in my position a better chance of managing this system.


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