I have created 3 custom tools, using vb.net, to run in ArcGIS. They all runs fine.They are inside a same project, in three different tool classes . Now i want them all to be added in a single toolbar, so that it will be easier to access them.

To do so, i am using the basetoolbar Item, inside Extending ArcObjects

here is little bit of whats inside the class

Public Sub New()

'TODO: Define your toolbar here by adding items

'BeginGroup() 'Separator
'AddItem("{FBF8C3FB-0480-11D2-8D21-080009EE4E51}", 1) 'undo command
'AddItem(New Guid("FBF8C3FB-0480-11D2-8D21-080009EE4E51"), 2) 'redo command
End Sub

Public Overrides ReadOnly Property Caption() As String
        'TODO: Replace bar caption
        Return "My VB.Net Toolbar"
    End Get
End Property

after i run the program, i get the MY VB.net Tool bar in the arcmap, but it looks something like this, and none of the tools work.

enter image description here this is the small description of the tool

MyBase.m_category = "mytools" 'Localizable text.
        MyBase.m_caption = "Open layer And Select Feature" 'Localizable text.
        MyBase.m_message = "Open layer And Select Feature" 'Localizable text.
        MyBase.m_toolTip = "Open layer And Select Feature" 'Localizable text.
        MyBase.m_name = "CustomTool_Openlayer" 

someone tell , what to write in the additem() function, i aslo tried with the GUIDs of the tools

Public Const ClassId As String = "4f76ddec-f1b4-472e-90e2-97257c9c23a2"
    Public Const InterfaceId As String = "abdd6064-2ed1-47d4-8af5-fe4836515927"
    Public Const EventsId As String = "ac56be15-367c-4082-966f-129871b28438"
  1. should i use this basetoolbar item, or is there some other way. i just read that in basetoolbar commands are added only not tools. ?? please correct me.
  • Something to try: when calling AddItem, try putting the solution name before the tool module name, like this: AddItem("MySolution.CustomTool_Openlayer")
    – pvdev
    Feb 14, 2014 at 9:34

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I Guess its not possible this way. I have successfully created the toolbar, following the steps in this link http://resources.arcgis.com/en/help/arcobjects-net/conceptualhelp/index.html#//0001000001ms000000

One have to use Desktop Addin Container (Template), it will be a type of XML, and by some minor modifications the toolbar will be created. The link explains it all

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