I have some Forumlas I use quiet often. I want to create a Model like in ArcGIS with it(Drag&Drop put in some Parameters, and so forth), is that possible?

Is there a GUI for that? Or is it only possible to write MapBasic code?

  • MapBasic is the only real option for customization. – Mapperz Feb 14 '14 at 14:54

Unfortunately that is one of many things missing in the Mapinfo. The only way to automatize tasks like that is - you get it right - learn Mapbasic and create your own tool. If you can install other software and spent a lot of money - as mentioned before there is server solution called Spectrum. But there is also other - freeware/open source software way. GDAL supports Mapinfo formats (both mif and tab) plus many other vector, grid and image formats. And QGIS uses GDAL and have now graphical modeller under processing menu - more about graphicall modeller. Of course it all depends what you want to achieve with your model.


No - is the most accurate answer. MapBasic is a scripting language and has no out of the box GUI.

Spectrum does, but to be honest, I think thats squashing a fly with a sledgehammer. You would be looking at multiples of tens of thousands of dollars for that solution.

Have you looked at Safe Software's FME? Personally based on reading between the lines of your question that would be the most appropriate tool for the job.

  • +1 for FME. We use FME and MapInfo very heavily and FME supports all the MapInfo specific components, such as styling and bounds. It's totally worth the money. – Alex Leith Feb 16 '14 at 23:05

If you are looking for a dekstop option, MapBasic it is.

If you are looking for a server solution have a closer look at Spectrum (Spatial).

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