I have a topographic map of California (obtained from CAL-Atlas) as a TIFF file. I tried importing it into QGis, but it displays the map using a pixel-based coordinate system rather than latitude/longitude (the .prj file indicates that it uses NAD83 Albers projection).

How can I rectify the coordinate system for this raster file in QGis? I'm using QGis 1.8 for this project, but also have 2.0 if necessary.

What if I am using QGis >=2.7v what should I do for the same..?

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The projection of the TIFF file is correct, don't try to change that.

What you may want is to change the projection of the project. You can do that with Settings -> Project Settings in QGIS 1.8. In the CRS tab, you can change the project CRS to EPSG:4269, which is NAD83 in degrees.

And make sure you have On-the-fly-reprojectionenabled.


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