I'm not a GIS guy so this might be a very misguided question. At present I have compiled a python dictionary, on which I perform some simple processing and return some answers. My data is structured as a python dictionary right now:

entire_data = { "row1": {
                          "metadata1": "some info"
                          "metadata2": "some info"
                          "geometry": [(x1,y1),(x2,y2),...] #x,y are WGS84 coordinates

The entire thing is a 100kb right now, but is expected to scale a lot more in the future. I plan to use this data (mostly) in the backend of a web application. Most of my toying around with the concept is done and now I need to somehow have it in a format for persistent storage. I looked into shapefiles but they appear like they might be overkill (also read some criticisms on the format). I can put them in a sql database, but the geometry field would have to be stored as varchar and that would mean a processing overhead each time an entry is to be fetched. What would be an appropriate format to put the aforementioned data into?


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