I have created a nice clean symbol in Illustrator. After exporting to .emf format and appending to objects in ArcMap the symbol looks terrible (see Attachment).

Has can I import good vectors into ArcMap?

ArcMap Symbol

Symbol in ArcMAP

Illustrator Symbol

Symbol Illustdrator


As commented by @lavarider (I updated the ArcGIS Idea link):

Unfortunately, ArcMap does not use anti-aliasing of picture marker symbols. (A feature request has been posted at ArcGIS ideas). As a workaround, either use a png (or similar bitmap) designed for your scale (losing vector functionality), or ttf (losing color information, but antialiasing is supported: "text and character marker antialiasing is controlled by the font smoothing settings that are configured in the machine's display settings").

  • ArcPro also handles these symbols way better than ArcMap. I know you wanted this in ArcMap but if you have ArcPro try that as well. – NULL.Dude Jun 14 '17 at 12:59

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