I need shapefiles for these:

AE - U.S. Armed Forces – Europe
AP - U.S. Armed Forces – Pacific
PR - Puerto Rico

Where can I find them ?

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    Can you provide more information of what these shape files should contain. Your use of abbreviations makes it even harder to understand what you are looking for. – tobias47n9e Feb 19 '14 at 12:13
  • AE, AP, PR .. These are the 3 different group of places. for example, California is a state in USA. I need a shape file containing all the counties in the state of california as a MAP with geographic data about them.I have got all these states, but the above three are missing. AE & AP are not exactly states in USA but group of regions where US armed forces are located. Can i have u help me locate these files on the internet ? – Pratik Jain Feb 19 '14 at 13:02

AE and AP are postal service designations to get mail to US military personnel overseas, not real locations on a map. Puerto Rico is a US commonwealth, not a state, but not an independent country, either. If your mapping requirements include Puerto Rico, then you should include Guam, the Marshall Islands, and other US possessions as well.

If you spend too much time researching the location of US troops and military facilities, you may attract unwanted attention from those that protect them.


Here is a link to TIGER by the US Census Bureau. The link below contains a shapefile for all the counties in the USA.


The link below is a Military Facilities shapefile they maintain. It should at least have boundaries for the installations you are looking for.


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