Is there a recent documents option somewhere in QGIS similar to other software? Or do people always use add layers / drag and drop from the Browser, or ensure that all is saved as a project each time? Looks like the Project option is basically the same as the .WOR file in MapInfo which I'm very familiar with. Very handy but can be a bit of a pain if files start moving round...

I've just had QGIS hanging up on me a few times when experimenting and requiring restart of program. A recently opened option would be nice. Not a priority and I know the spinning wheel usually means lose of record of last file opened, not saved, etc.


You will need to add your layers/data and save a map file (.qgs extension). There is an 'Open Recent' option in the file menu for your recently opened map files. A QGIS project would be the equivalent of a MapInfo Workspace as your have mentioned.

By 'recently opened' I assume you mean recently used data. In which case if you are adding data from PostGIS you can save the connection information to make adding layers quicker.

enter image description here

  • Cheers Matt, couldn't see it for looking. – DirkB Feb 21 '14 at 8:47

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