In response to @gene I type d.mon in command line, getting a popout GUI look like this:

enter image description here

I choose the top three flags(-l, -L, -p), and I got this:

enter image description here

And I don't know what to type in 4 blanks below:

enter image description here

Then I close GUI window, typing command d.mon start=x0, and got this:

enter image description here

As I type command d.rast hc(I have a raster file named hc and I want to display it), I got this:

enter image description here

and except this I got nothing and the map is not displayed.

How can I do to make the display succeed?

I am using GRASS 6.4.3 under windows 8.1 64-bits.

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From d.rast

d.rast displays raster map layer(s) name in the active display frame on the graphics monitor.

You need to first start and select a graphics monitor with d.mon but from d.mon doesn't work (WinGrass commandline)

X monitors do not exist in native MS windows. You must use the GUI

On Mac OS X or Linux with a X monitor:

GRASS 6.4.3 (geol):~ > d.rast ortho.shaded@mymapset
WARNING: No socket to connect to for monitor <x0>.
ERROR: No graphics device selected

start x0 monitor:

GRASS 6.4.3 (geol):~ > d.mon start=x0
using default visual which is TrueColor
ncolors: 16777216
Graphics driver [x0] started
GRASS 6.4.3 (geol):~ > d.rast ortho.shaded@mymapset

If you still want to check your available monitors use:

d.mon -p -l -L 

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