I have a shape-file all it's fields are in Arabic. When I opens it in qgis 2.0 all the data is replaced by "?". I changed the encoding to Arabic or UTF-8 but with the same result. How can I Open an Arabic Shapefile in Qgis.


To be able to see the Arabic names you may proceed like this:

1) Go to Layer > Add Vector Layer

2) Choose the corect Encoding for your layer (Windows-1256, otherwise you'll see artifacts):

enter image description here

3) Just label your streets with Arabicstre:

enter image description here


Answer: It works for me. I used ISO-8859-6 for Arabic encoding. It even works with a few different fonts. Just one "?" is left over (See picture).

Comment: Maybe the problem is your operating system? Try to install the support for Arabic encoding on Ubuntu or other Distro. If you are on Windows XP or older it might be difficult to get that to work correctly. What version of QGIS are you using and what operating system? Another problem might be missing fonts?

Edit: Using Windows-1256 encoding also works better on Ubuntu for this shapefile. The question mark disappears. Probably the file was created on a Windows machine?

enter image description here


For showing "Farsi (persian)" texts in QGIS: 1) Go to Layer > Add Layer > Add Vector Layer

2) Choose "UTF-8" Encoding for your layer

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