I would like to format numbers as percentages in cartodb. What are the best functions to display numbers with decimals, comma separators or percentages?

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There is no 'percentage' type so you need to use a string You can do this by taking a numeric column and concatenating || with a %.

SELECT percent_column::text || '%' FROM table

You can also format the number first if you need, for example, multiply a decimal by 100 or round to sig digits,

SELECT round(percent_column * 100, 2)::text || '%' FROM table

For including commas, it is the same, you must turn numeric columns into strings. You could use this example,

SELECT TO_CHAR(76543210.98, '999G999G990D00')

Which was provided here, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3360752/how-to-set-thousend-separator-for-postgresql

or more generically

SELECT TO_CHAR(number_column, '999G999G990D00') FROM table

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