I would like to know what python packages can be used to process GRIB (Gridded Binary) data on a Windows system. I know there is something called pygrib, but to use that I have to use cygwin windows installation (something I want to avoid).

I am looking for the package to streamline the processing of gridded precipitation data available from NCDC website (for example: http://data.eol.ucar.edu/codiac/dss/id=21.093). NCDC delivers the archived gridded precipitation data as: Unix Compressed (.Z) Gridded Binary (GRIB) Format

Currently I use NOAA Climate and Weather Toolkit (http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/wct/), but this adds another level of processing (something I want to avoid).

I am seeking python packages, and workflow, perhaps with some examples to automate the seamless processing of GRIB files to derive the precipitation data.


GDAL can read grib files and can talk to python, so it should be no problem to use it on Windows.

You don't need cygwin to use GDAL, take a look at the binaries provided by http://gisinternals.com/sdk

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