So I've been tasked with coding the interactive map for the city I'm interning at. I'm still a beginner with Javascript but I learn best "one the fly" by just getting started. I just need to know how to get started because I've never done any sort of web design.

Do I need to start by coding in an .html or a .js? What's the best IDE for designing web applications? Visual Studio for Web? Eclipse EE? Well I need access to the web server to see how my map actually looks?

I've played with the sandbox located here: http://developers.arcgis.com/javascript/sandbox/sandbox.html?sample=map_create

However, I'm ready to make more progress.

Any help/suggestions/insights is appreciated.


Aptana studio is a good open solution to develop your code. You will need to know some HTML and javascript to start with the Esri library. You might need to know a bit of CSS as well. Keep playing in the sandbox and customize your code.


I've had the best success with a plan of attack regarding the application development, have a defined end result so you can measure your achievements as you progress. The HTML is really just the frame and the core of the functionality lies in the JS so ensure that you grasp how ESRI uses the dojo framework and how to properly structure your code in the dojo AMD methods. Ask more specific questions as you get stuck for more defined answers.

IDE: Visual Studio Web is fine. Notepad++ if you want Simplicity. or Sublime if you want flexibility via packages.


I am using simple notepad++ editor its very simple and easy to use.

You will require Web server to run the ArcGIS JSAPI application locally (Please check the detail steps & the IDE list here Also check this link contains few additional IDE list. Go through this ESRI thread also.

To get started the AGS JSAPI visit the web help page contains everything.

Introduction video : http://video.arcgis.com/watch/1678/arcgis-api-for-javascriptan-introduction

Let us know if you have any question..


I personally use either Aptana or Visual Studio but if you're a beginner keep an eye out for the new ArcGIS Web App Builder. Esri will be showing it at their Developer Summit next week and hopefully releasing it shortly thereafter.

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