I am trying to set the interactivity on a sublayer that I created on CartoDB web interface so that my events and tooltips receive the correct fields as arguments of the callback functions. Here is how I have tried to do this:

    poverty_layer = layers[1].getSubLayer(0)
    poverty_layer.set("interactivity", ["cartodb_id, namelsad10, hh_median"])

    poverty_layer.on "featureOver", (e,ll,pos,data)->
      console.log data

I assumed that by doing this I would see three data fields –– cartodb_id, namelsad10, and hh_median –– but I only see cartodb_id. I already managed to set interactivity successfully on sublayers that are created on the clientside. This is the one use case where it hasn't been successful.

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The proper syntax apparently is as follows:

poverty_layer.setInteractivity("field1, field2, field3")

Or alternatively:

poverty_layer.set({interactivity: "field1, field2, field3"})

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