There are several iPhone apps displaying offline maps. Some of them can show custom maps, for instance loaded as MBTiles or sqlite files.

Galileo-app does this pretty well.

But it is only possible to display only one tiled map at a time. I need to display several tiled raster layers (say 3 or 4) with a transparency (for instance with an opacity control slider for each layer).

My rasters are hand drawn tracks (black 'wire' on white/transparent background), old maps tiles and openstreetmap tiles. Goal: find my way by crossing information from those georeferenced maps.

TiledMap app looks to be doing this, but is missing from iTune (dev account not renewed).

Is there any iOS app doing this? (Otherwise I would have to code one, but this is too much work)



The Collector for ArcGIS supports maps with multiple tiled layers. It currently doesn't have offline maps but that will be supported in an update being released this month.

  • Thanks. It looks interesting but I'm an individual producing a couple of maps for a bunch of friends, so the business model is not adapted as I understand it (yearly subscription + fees...) Thanks anyway. – roger451 Mar 7 '14 at 10:53

If you use ArcGIS, you could try CarryMap. It is a software tool to export a map from ArcGIS to a mobile device. It supports multiple raster layers.

Although you cannot alter the transparency of layers on the mobile device, their transparency is preserved. So if the corresponding ArcGIS raster layers had a transparency setting, the raster is shown with the same transparency in mobile view. This enables you to overlay multiple raster layers.


Have you tried GIS 2go (www.gis2go.com). We support offline maps for ArcGIS Desktop (I suppose we are biased, as we developed it, but maybe it fits for your purpose)

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