How do I get the units (meter/feet) from an ISpatialReference object in ArcObjects?


Linear units can be obtained from the spatial reference only if it is a projected coordinate system. So, you need to cast the spatial reference to IProjectedCoordinateSystem and access its IProjectedCoordinateSystem.CoordinateUnit property.

But if the spatial reference is a geographic coordinate system, its units are angular and accessed similarly through IGeographicCoordinateSystem.CoordinateUnit.

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    +1 The ILinearUnit.MetersPerUnit property can also save you from writing a lot of code. – Kirk Kuykendall Apr 25 '11 at 13:52
IFields fields = featureClass.Fields;
        ISpatialReference spatialReference = fields.get_Field(fields.FindField(featureClass.ShapeFieldName)).GeometryDef.SpatialReference;
        if (spatialReference is IProjectedCoordinateSystem)
            IProjectedCoordinateSystem projectedCoordinateSystem = (IProjectedCoordinateSystem)spatialReference;
            return projectedCoordinateSystem.CoordinateUnit.Name;
        if (spatialReference is IGeographicCoordinateSystem)
            IGeographicCoordinateSystem geographicCoordinateSystem = (IGeographicCoordinateSystem)spatialReference;
            return geographicCoordinateSystem.CoordinateUnit.Name;
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