Say I cloned a single-part lake polygon that had a hole for an island. Then I used the Editor Reshape command to cut a piece off. That incidentally caused a second part to be created where the island was, as seen here.

enter image description here

Now I want to get rid of that bogus island.

I've tried drawing a circle around it with the Cut command, tried the Reshape command again, no joy.

Help a dummy out?

(yeah I know my links are to ArcGIS Desktop editing tools, the better descriptions of the apparently more or less equivalent Silverlight API Editor commands) ;-)

  • if your silverlight options are equivalent to desktop, can you edit blue feature, create a square or circle to cover island, then select both the blue feature and your new shape and via editor toolbar merge the two (this is a quick/dirty way via desktop - perhaps it will work for you)? – mwil Mar 24 '14 at 15:26

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