I'm tring to access all water level data within a bounding box and temporal extent using the OGC SOS from the NOAA CO-OPS. On the page here: http://opendap.co-ops.nos.noaa.gov/ioos-dif-sos/ there is a very useful SOS query builder tool, and I can formulate a query to get all the station data in a specific region:


But when I execute this query it tells me max of 1 day can be requested in a collection.

So I guess there are two approaches.

Approach 1: Do a query on collection with bounding box, but only the start time requested:


which returns:

station_id,sensor_id,"latitude (degree)","longitude (degree)",date_time,"water_surface_height_above_reference_datum (m)",datum_id,"vertical_position (m)"

and then I could strip out the station_id and use them in single station queries.

Approach 2: Issue multiple collection request for periods of one day and then concatenate the responses together.

I guess I would use approach 1 if I had more days than stations, and approach 2 if I had more stations than days.

Is there a better way?


Both approaches are valid and your reasoning is correct. This is more relevant when the requests and responses are handled manually.

If you were to write a small program to do that on your behalf, then that process becomes a breeze. Here is a link where you can find some sample Java programs that show how you can access data from multiple stations for longer periods of time:


On the other hand issuing a GetCapabilities request before asking for the data of interest will allow you to filter and choose the stations based on their data offerings and their locations.

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