I am using TileMill to create some offline tiles. Currently I have problem that some of the text sizes are not working and they are displayed as weird signs. Do you have any idea what could be wrong?

  #waterways {
  line-smooth: 1;
  line-join: round;
  line-cap: round;
//label styling and placement text-name: [name]; text-face-name: 'Calibri Italic'; text-fill: @water_labels; text-placement: line; text-halo-fill: fadeout(white, 0%); text-halo-radius: 1.8;
[type = 'river'] {line-color: @water; line-width:12; [zoom=15] {text-size: 15;} [zoom=16] {text-size: 16;} [zoom=17] {text-size: 17;} [zoom=18] {text-size: 18;} [zoom=19] {text-size: 19;} } }

Picture a) text-size: 18

text-size: 18;

Picture b) text-size: 17

text-size: 17;

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Finally, I solved this problem by using my own fonts and this problem immediately stopped:

Map {
  background-color: @background;
  font-directory: url(./fonts); 

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