I have two shapefile layers created from different thresholds from a predictive model (Pink=80; Yellow=95).

Is there a way to create a new layer of only those pink polygons that contain yellow polygons and effectively erase the pink polygons that do not contain yellow?

If I use Geoprocessing - Intersect I will end up with just a copy of the yellow layer.

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In ArcGIS Desktop you can use Select Layer By Location to do this:

Selects features in a layer based on a spatial relationship to features in another layer.

The relationship to use is INTERSECT.

Before running this add your shapefiles to a map so that you have them as layers.

After you have made the selection you can right-click on the selected layer to export it as a shapefile.


Use select by location from selection tab. Selection mode: select that layer from which you need to select Source layer: overlapping polygon Spatial selection mode : are within (clementini) the source layer feature

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