Is there any way to download all airports in Europe from OSM?

What I'm looking for is the Airport perimeter, (lines or polygons, dosn't matter)

I know that I could download all Europe, and then filter by attributes, but what I ask is if is there any way for do it directly.

Some kind of 'where', where I can ask for download ONLY the data

where column Aeroway is not null
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    airport are points and polygon areas, this also includes model aircraft (Germany) locations. see ourairports.com/data
    – Mapperz
    Commented Mar 17, 2014 at 20:27

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You could use the OverpassAPI because it is not that much data.

You can easily construct a statement that filters for aeroway=aerodrome via http://overpass-turbo.eu

As always please be skeptical about the quality/coverage of OSM data and it's tagging.

Maybe it's worth to have a look at this page and parse the data (if open licensed): http://www.openflights.org


I'd say check out WeoGeo's site:


You can draw a bounding box, select geometry types, and even filter by attributes.

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