I am trying to access the geography feature property of a feature being edited. I need to do it programatically (in order to auto populate a field using the geography) using VB Script. I cannot seem to figure out what the ArcPad object is that I want to access in the script. Any suggestions?



How do I access the Points Collection of an added feature in ArcPad studio?


Dim objRS, objLayer, objShape, pointsCollection, centroid

Set objLayer = Map.SelectionLayer Set objRS = objLayer.Records

objRS.Bookmark = Map.SelectionBookmark

Set objShape = objRS.Fields.Shape

pointsCollection = objShape.Parts.Item(1)

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Your question is a bit vague. Have you looked at the help as there are plenty of examples? To access features within a FeatureClass you would use the RecordSet, have a look here.

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  • It turns out, I was trying to ask how to access the Points Collection of an added feature. But now I know how do to do that. Thank you. – Fully Stuck Developer Mar 18 '14 at 18:29

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