Does any has any experience with converting string geojson into com.vividsolutions.jts geometry object (point, polygon, etc). Maybe there is some java library I cannot find.


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For a much more lightweight alternative to GeoTools, check out jts2geojson:

GeoJSONReader reader = new GeoJSONReader();
Geometry geometry = reader.read(json);

GeoTools provides a GeoJSON module which will read in GeoJSON files and convert them to GeoTools Feature Collections - the geometry elements of these collections is stored as a JTS object. So all you need is

 Geometry geom = (Geometry) feature.getDefaultGeometry();

There seems to be nowadays also native GeoJSON reader/writer code in JTS trunk:



OpenJUMP can read and write GeoJSON with code that is in https://sourceforge.net/p/jump-pilot/code/HEAD/tree/core/trunk/src/com/vividsolutions/jump/io/geojson/. Perhaps it could be reused.

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